Saturday, October 31, 2009

all tuckered out

William found a nice cozy step to crash on after the church Halloween party last night.

That's one tired chickabidee!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let the sugar fest begin!

Today was the first of the Halloween parties...and the ridiculous amounts of candy that come with it. If it weren't for all the happy little faces that surround this "holiday", I would personally just skip it. Like we don't already eat enough sugar, so we send our kids knocking on doors begging for more??? Really... it is just a very strange thing. And can it really be called a "holiday" when you are not celebrating anything? Or maybe we are and I am just unlearned. Either way, I am not a big Halloween fan. Yet,  I love seeing my chickabidees smile so I will continue to go through the motions.

But enough of my rambling. There is one thing I do love about this non-holiday and that is the cute costumes. Especially this one. My mom bought it for Anna when she was itty bitty and it has now been worn by all of my children. (Well, all my living children that is.) I think it is super cute and I hope to find it a good home after this weekend.

A Favorite Activity

This is one of my kids favorite ways to pass the time. And check out those smocks. They are actually hospital gowns, but they make the absolute best smocks!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Double Digits

That's what Anna hit this last week. And it really does not feel like it has been 10 whole years since I first laid eyes on that little peanut.

A little bit about Anna now that she's the big one-zero...

She LOVES to read

She is still my energizer bunny

She has the most amazing imagination

She loves singing and drama, but hates piano lessons

She has started gymnastics and after only 3 weeks has already moved up to the next level

She is a loving big sister and a fun person to be around

She wanted cash and a day at the mall for her birthday...which she got


We are very proud of the young woman she is turning into...but a little scared for the teen years that are quickly approaching.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

truth and lies

Alahna had to write a story using her spelling words and I loved it. So I am sharing it with you...

Truth and Lies

One day there was a boy named Josh. he woke up one day and went down stairs to get cereal. Josh ate quickly so he could get to school early. He left his house and started to go to the middle of town when he looked around and found $100 in the middle of the street. Josh shouted, "I'm rich!" Then a man saw him and said, "you can't be rich just like that." Josh was about to argue when he realized the money was not his. He started to head to the police station. When he got there a police with a brown hat said, Hold it right there young man! Why are you here?" Josh said, "I found $100." The police frowned and said, "We've been looking for $100 and now that you found it I can take a break." The police sat down and hummed a merry tune. Josh left and started heading to school when he passed a patch of yellow flowers. He kept going and once he got to school his teacher said, "You know you are late for school. Can you show me your pass?" Jake frowned and said, "I can't show you my pass, I do not have a pass." The teacher said, "Well act like you've shown me your pass and I'll let you go today."


I love it especially the part where the police hums "a merry tune".

Just too cute.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rise and Shout....

Saturday we went to the BYU v. San Diego State game and what a blast! Before the game we went to the pre-game party put on by the alumni association and had a picnic and played some games. It was a football throwing, face painting, bubble gum blowing, and hula hooping hooping good time! And everyone left with some pom poms for the game; which of course...  BYU won.... making it a perfect day!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15th

My sister-in-law has lost over 20 babies though miscarriage. I feel kind-of bad for not knowing the exact number, but I'm sure she knows and I'm sure she remembers each and every one. She is an amazing example of strength, courage, and determination and I love her for that. If it was in my power to give her a healthy baby I would... but I can't. So instead, I will think of her today and light a candle for her angels.

Monday, October 12, 2009

braces anyone?

William is insanely jealous of Robert's braces. Just about every night he tries to wear them and cries when we put them on Robert.  (Robert can't quite figure this out. He's convinced William must be crazy!) Daddy came up with a solution a couple of nights ago that William has been happy with. Robert wishes he could trade though!

 And can't you just see in William's face how much he adores and looks up to his big bro!

Preschool Jitters

Today was Robert's first day of preschool. It is just a little preschool program run through the community center. Couple days a week, no biggie.  Except that it was a biggie...for me anyway.  I found my stomach in knots all morning and could hardly hold back the tears when I dropped him off. He's my 3rd, this shouldn't be so hard.  Except that he also happens to be Robert... the one that healed my broken heart after Davie died and has kept me dancing on my toes for the last 4 years. That smile is just simply irresistible to me.  Ohhhhh, I dread the day I have to send him to kindergarten. I don't think I will be able to hold back the tears that day.  Of course he did great and can't wait to go back... guess I will have to adjust.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The boy who cried wolf

This is William's new game. He gets himself into these little predicaments and cries for help. He rarely really needs help, but just thinks it's a fun thing to do. This time he is standing in the windowsill that looks out into the playroom. By the time I set my camera back down he had gotten himself down and was off playing. One of these days...

Hardly a scar

Remember this???

Can you believe how good it looks now???

I had to catch him when he was napping because you really can't see it much when his eyes are opened. I am SO grateful that he has healed so nicely. It's been almost 2 months; his stint and last stitch have fallen out and there is hardly even a scar.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hold the ice please

This is what I hear every time Robert wants a drink...

"Can you please get me some water; not hot, not cold, just warm with no ice."

(Most people just call it tap water.)

If you could just hear him say it, the emphasis he puts on the different words. It is priceless. I love it, and it makes me laugh every time!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


David asked me the other day, "What's a chickabidee?"

A while back the girls and I read this book together

In it the Grandma calls her granddaughter her chickabidee. Anna, Alahna and I thought it was really cute and the name has just stuck.

So the answer is.... my babies, my children, the people that call me mom. They are my chickabidees.

And here is my first ....

Isn't she turning into such a beautiful girl? I love her.

(It's a very good book by the way.)

An Activity

Last night Robert was in charge of the activity for FHE and he planned all day.

He filled his Superman backpack up with cars, toys, and his little piggy bank full of pennies. When it was his turn he laid everything out along the windowsill in the living room and handed us his piggy bank. He told us to pass around the bank until he said stop and then whoever has the bank takes out one penny. We did this for several minutes until everyone had a small handful of pennies. "now it's time to go shopping" he said. So he called everyone up to his "store" one at a time and we got to "shop". It was so funny and a nice change from the usual game of hide-n-seek. (that's his normal pick when it's his turn)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ready for Church

Okay, so this happened weeks ago, but it was too cute to let it pass by.

The boys came down stairs on a weekday with every tie on that they own and told me they were all ready to go to church!

Meet Lilo And Stitch

We had a ward luau last this past week that was amazing! We had our youth and some youth from other wards that provided entertainment and even the R.S. sisters learned a dance. (Yes, I know you can't picture me hula dancing, but it was some serious fun!)

But the best part is, we came home with...


and Stitch

The kids love them and I am pleased to say that they have already exceeded my expectations for how long they would live.