Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let the sugar fest begin!

Today was the first of the Halloween parties...and the ridiculous amounts of candy that come with it. If it weren't for all the happy little faces that surround this "holiday", I would personally just skip it. Like we don't already eat enough sugar, so we send our kids knocking on doors begging for more??? Really... it is just a very strange thing. And can it really be called a "holiday" when you are not celebrating anything? Or maybe we are and I am just unlearned. Either way, I am not a big Halloween fan. Yet,  I love seeing my chickabidees smile so I will continue to go through the motions.

But enough of my rambling. There is one thing I do love about this non-holiday and that is the cute costumes. Especially this one. My mom bought it for Anna when she was itty bitty and it has now been worn by all of my children. (Well, all my living children that is.) I think it is super cute and I hope to find it a good home after this weekend.


  1. I am eating sour skittles as I read this! LOL

    We just went to Target and bought a bunch of candy. We needed candy for Trunk-or-treat at the chapel and then of course we need candy for the trick-or-treaters at the house!

    Very cute costume! We have a red Power Ranger, Anakin Skywalker and a monarch butterfly at our house this year. :)

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Such a cute little giraffe! I do love seeing all of the cute costumes.... That's my favorite part. :) I can't believe Anna is 10! WOW. Time flies. We're getting OLD. :)

  3. I had no idea you felt so strongly about Halloween Kiley! At least it's only once a year, although is does last for two months. We always seem to have a ton of sweets from Halloween to January! I remember Anna in the giraffe!