Tuesday, October 20, 2009

truth and lies

Alahna had to write a story using her spelling words and I loved it. So I am sharing it with you...

Truth and Lies

One day there was a boy named Josh. he woke up one day and went down stairs to get cereal. Josh ate quickly so he could get to school early. He left his house and started to go to the middle of town when he looked around and found $100 in the middle of the street. Josh shouted, "I'm rich!" Then a man saw him and said, "you can't be rich just like that." Josh was about to argue when he realized the money was not his. He started to head to the police station. When he got there a police with a brown hat said, Hold it right there young man! Why are you here?" Josh said, "I found $100." The police frowned and said, "We've been looking for $100 and now that you found it I can take a break." The police sat down and hummed a merry tune. Josh left and started heading to school when he passed a patch of yellow flowers. He kept going and once he got to school his teacher said, "You know you are late for school. Can you show me your pass?" Jake frowned and said, "I can't show you my pass, I do not have a pass." The teacher said, "Well act like you've shown me your pass and I'll let you go today."


I love it especially the part where the police hums "a merry tune".

Just too cute.

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  1. The "merry tune" was the part that made me smile too. =)