Thursday, March 15, 2012

A bird distraction

Early in the week we had to take a break from our school schedule to deal with a bird.

It had flown in through the playroom door and went straight upstairs. It spent some time in Alahna's loft room then went into boys' room where we shut the door and the kids spent the next half hour trying to get it to fly out the window.  It eventually landed on a blanket and Alahna was able to throw the end of the blanket over it and carry it to the window where it flew away. I mostly just watched and enjoyed the show; they came up with some interesting ideas on how to get that little bird back outside...

pi day fun

We look forward to pi day now more than many holidays. Does that make us nerds? Probably, but that's okay, because nerds have pi!

This year the kids helped design and make shirts.

And of course we ate lots of pie. The girls even made a "chemical" pie that tasted just like apple pie......but there were absolutely no apples of any sort in it. Just sugar, water, cream of tarter, and Ritz crackers. I wouldn't believe it, except I ate a slice and it was really good.

And what's pi day without a pie eating contest?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Long time, no post

It has been a very loooooong time since I have posted anything. We have just been super duper busy. So here are a few things that have been going on.... in no order whatsoever....and sorry, no pictures.

William got over-grown. Yeah, you read that right. One day as he was getting dressed he was having a hard time getting his shirt over his head and exclaimed, "I just got over-growned! It won't fit!" Now every time I see him walking around with his pants too short, because in fact he is growing like a weed, I think of how overgrown he is and smile.

Anna started running track and loves it! It is run by a homeschool mom, but most of the kids are from the public school. She is doing really well and looking forward to the first meet at the end of the month.

Alahna and William were THRILLED when Hufflepuff won the last house cup. They had worked extra hard and won by a considerable margin.

Along with that, we finished another component of school and the kids did some spectacular projects. I will have to devote a whole post about them another time.

Our current component is Tales of the Bards, and we have been doing some Shakepeare. I was worried that the boys would be too young. I shouldn't have been. I know realize you are never too young for it. William and Robert's favorite story right now is Hamlet.

Some tadpoles arrived in the mail on leap day and we look forward to watching them grow and develop.

I am sure there are more things, like field trips and such, but that is enough for now.

Hopefully, there will be more to come soon!