Sunday, June 26, 2011

Look who's a year older!

4 years ago my life was out of control scary. There were so many unknowns surrounding William's birth I was going a bit crazy. I know all births are full of unknowns, but William's were all rather frightening. It's been long enough now that I can almost say it wasn't really all that bad, but I still get filled with feelings of anxiety whenever I ponder on the details too much. The part that still makes me sad though is missing my last baby's birth. Neither mommy or daddy were there for that first cry. I didn't fully see him until he was over 24hrs old and even then I was so loopy, tired, and hurting it was hard to enjoy him.  But.... it was totally worth it and I would do it all again if it were to give me my little monkey.

I am absolutely certain that he is the cutest four year old in the whole world. So, I am sorry if you thought you had the cutest four year old... because you're wrong. (I just might be slightly biased though.) He has the sweetest little voice and says the funniest things in the funniest ways. We all adore him and I'm sure he is getting a little too spoiled. I know my other chickabidees weren't this doted on, but that's just what happens with the baby.

Some of his accomplishments this last year...
  • becoming fully potty trained!
  • Learning to recognize his name and he's so close to writing it all by himself!
  • learning many of the letters and sounds 
  • counting to 20 (most days anyway)
  • finally getting dressed by himself
  • becoming extremely anyone who will listen!
He still likes to have help when it's his turn for prayer. We have been encouraging him to try to say it by himself and every time he tells us, "I'm only free years old, guys." Maybe now that he's four he'll give it a whirl!

We love him very much and can't wait to see what new things he will learn and do this year!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

13 years

Happy 13th anniversary to the man of my dreams! Thank you for being my night in shining armor!


This morning at breakfast I asked William what it meant to be a father. Here are his answers:
  • be in charge
  • be a boy
  • play lots of games
I found his answers so amusing I thought I should ask the other children the same question.

Robert said,
  • buy lots of stuff
  • be in charge
  • read dumb boring books
  • drive a whole bunch
  • play games with your kids
Alahna said,
  • you have children
  • your awesome
  • be nice
  • give your kids things
  • love your kids and don't beat them (This one really made me laugh, not sure where that came from!)
Anna said,
  • the male who helps raise the children
  • to provide for the family
  • be supportive of his family
  • sacrifice for the family
Happy Father's Day! I am so blessed to have David as the father of my children and to have been raised by my amazing dad! And of course David wouldn't be the man he is if it wasn't for his dad! Thank you!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

paint by numbering

A great way to spend the long summer hours!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A graduation and a birthday

I was so lucky this week to be able to fly home and watch my sister's oldest graduate from high school and be there for her baby's 11th birthday! These are the kind-of events I normally miss and I really wanted to be there for my nephew. He has a special place in my heart, that one does. So Sunday evening I looked up plane tickets, found some cheap ones, and packed my bags!

Finally... a clean little boy

Having a cast on for six weeks makes for one dirty little boy. Especially when he was due a bath before the cast went on. A long soak in a tub full of bubbles was just what his little body needed!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my 2nd baby

This princess is growing up too fast so I have to savor these moments when they come.