Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lord Grenville's Farewell Ball

The school year came full circle when we received an invitation to Lord Grenville's Farewell ball and a few days later a note came from the Scarlet Pimpernel asking them to meet him there one last time.  It was a more relaxed atmosphere than the opening ball with all the jitters of meeting new friends behind and everyone just happy to be together one last time. What a way to end a school year!

Alahna dancing the Virginia reel with a friend.

I love the smile on Anna's face as she looks at her dad. Priceless.
This is Anna's reflection in the glass ceiling.

Lord and Lady Blakeny were in attendance again.

The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel!

Anna gets promoted

The children have been studying martial arts at the Mateo Academy for about a year and a half now. They all enjoy it and do pretty well, but Anna has really showed some natural skill in it and was asked to start training with the adult classes about six months ago. She was thrilled and it has helped her grow in many ways. Recently she was promoted to a yellow belt second degree in the adult rankings. She wasn't sure what ranking she would receive and was so excited when he announced it. And I just love this picture. It says a thousand words to my heart. If anyone is looking for a place to learn good quality martial arts, this is the man to teach you. He teaches for all the right reasons and is a great mentor.

A Birthday Bash

Our little caboose turned six this last week and I can hardly even believe it.  It seems like time is moving swifter than it ever has before; I blink and a year is gone. It truly is hard to believe it has been six years since he was just a wee thing and how is it possible that his six years have past faster than his older siblings early years did.

William woke to his name on the family birthday plate with white chocolate.

After breakfast he opened his presents from the family and I love this picture of everyone gathered around him as he looks at his new Star Wars book.

Anna and Alahna picked out this Batman shirt for him and he has pretty much worn it non stop ever since.

We decided to test the limits of our small home and invite all the families in the ward with children near his age to a BBQ. To my utter amazement everyone fit just fine and William loved all the attention!

The primary chorister came with her guitar and sang to William. Highlight of the night!
Look at all of these beautiful children! Love it!

William's wonderful big sisters planned a few games to keep the kids entertained. They did great organizing everything!

William is a delight to have around. He is still my cuddlebug and loves to be a helper. He moseys through life at his own pace and just wants everything to be comfortable. He has become very independent this last year and likes to do things for himself, except chores, that's a whole different beast! Being the youngest comes with some perks and that includes being doted on by big sisters. Most days they adore him and spoil him more than they should, but I can't blame them, he is pretty easy to adore. Happy Birthday to the cutest caboose ever!