Sunday, October 25, 2009

Double Digits

That's what Anna hit this last week. And it really does not feel like it has been 10 whole years since I first laid eyes on that little peanut.

A little bit about Anna now that she's the big one-zero...

She LOVES to read

She is still my energizer bunny

She has the most amazing imagination

She loves singing and drama, but hates piano lessons

She has started gymnastics and after only 3 weeks has already moved up to the next level

She is a loving big sister and a fun person to be around

She wanted cash and a day at the mall for her birthday...which she got


We are very proud of the young woman she is turning into...but a little scared for the teen years that are quickly approaching.


  1. i remember coming to visit the three of you in your basement apt. in provo when she was just days old.
    it seems like eons ago to me, because so much life has happened in those ten years. i know what you mean though because the growing of my own children seems to happen in double time.
    it looks like she had a fun day.

  2. Happy Birthday Anna! Kiley you make amazing cakes. I will have you know that my kids ask for cool cakes and when I tell them that I don't know how, they say "well, Sister Petersen can do it!"

  3. I CANNOT believe she is 10 already!