Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Best Smile

Ahhhh, my Robert. Another one that God has deemed me worthy enough to care for. I don't know that I have ever known anyone so full of life and energy. Everything is full steam ahead with this little man.  And yet there is a side to him that melts hearts. He is always the first to share a treat, give a smile to a stranger, cheer on his friends and siblings, and strangle you with a bear hug. Nearly every night he reads William an extra story or two and will often buy some candy with the sole purpose of giving it away. He is about as generous as they come, except when it comes to Legos. Don't mess with the Legos, man.

Life always seems to be throwing him curve balls but he catches every one with a smile on his face. Oh, that smile is a special one. Nearly every fast Sunday he wants to bear his testimony. We used to try and dissuade him but he is a persistent one and I don't try to talk him out of it anymore.  He really has a testimony and really wants to share it and always with that smile. The one that melts ice and waters my eyes. The one that heals broken hearts and brings laughter to our home.  Someday he will be a fantastic missionary and I know that he will win many souls with that famous grin. This month he turned 8. In a couple weeks he will be entering through the gates of baptism and I can not wait to see that shining face come out of the water. I have a feeling it will be his best smile yet.

Just Enough

Turning 12 is a big deal in this home, especially if you have been waiting to leave primary like a kid waiting for Christmas.  Being the only active girl in senior primary was a little tough for her but now we are thrilled to have her in the YW program. She brings our numbers up to 3 on Sundays! And that is not just Beehives. Legally wearing make-up may have also played a role in her anticipation of this year's special day. She requested a cheesecake so Dad made her a scrumptious Oreo caramel one. It was barely big enough to hold all those candles.

Some things to know about our LahnaLou:

  • Locks, keys, maps, and Paris are all things she loves.
  • She has created her own language that she calls Alahnian and loves to translate her favorite books into this cypher type language. 
  • She loves learning Latin and has started teaching herself Arabic, just for fun.
  • Her deep feelings and gentle spirit help keep our home peaceful.
  • If you have any questions about Lord of the Rings of Greek Mythology she is the gal to ask.
  • She is Batman's biggest fan.
  • Little kids follow her like she's made of chocolate.
  • She's helpful, kind, considerate, smart, and funny too.
But, guess what? As amazing as that is, I don't care. None of it matters. God chose me to be her mother. She is mine and that is enough. I don't need any other reasons. Happy 12th Birthday Lou! Thank you for being you!


Fare thee well, Scarlet Pimpernell

Because a new adventure has begun and it seems futile to continue trying to catch up on last year's adventure, I will wrap it up with one final post. This last year was so enriching for me. My soul was refreshed and renewed as we searched, studied, and pondered good art and music, another year gone that impacted how I perceive the world.  I pray that it had a similar effect on my children.

The year came full circle as we returned to the Kimberly Crest mansion for another ball. With the stress of a new year behind us we were able to be a little more relaxed and have a good time with good friends. Anna enjoyed dancing with Dad and Alahna enjoyed the same with some friends. The boys were too busy spying on the elusive Scarlet Pimpernel to spend time dancing and I was content to sit and watch my favorite people.

The woman that has been my ultimate home school example graduated her youngest from high school this night. She is a true pioneer in the homeschooling community and one that I admire deeply.  To think that I will never do a school year under her tutelage again leaves me feeling somewhat somber but I am grateful for the many memories that she helped create for my children and me and know that she is not far away if I need her words of wisdom.

I hope she never loses this love for her father.

Doing the Virginia Reel was Alahna's highlight of the night.

A couple of weeks after our farewell ball we enjoyed a field trip as a family to the Norton Simon Museum. It had a little bit of art from every period that we studied so was a perfect way to end the year. Afterward we came home and ceremoniously emptied our Truth, Goodness, and Beauty jars to make m&m milkshakes.  With that the year was officially over and my mind became completely obsessed with new adventures!

The museum had some amazing flowers in their gardens.

My chickabidees who do not like to cooperate for pictures!

The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel celebrating a successful mission of rescuing truth, goodness, and beauty.

A successful mission is delicious!