Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Poem from Anna

When Anna was asked to do a 10 minute "freewrite" on being a writer for a class she is taking this was the result.

A Writer
By Anna Petersen
A writer is an artist whose pallet is the pen and medium the mind.
What they create can never be forgotten or destroyed.
The trees whisper the characters,
The wind howls the plot, the grass dreams the setting.
If you sit and listen you hear the remnants of tales from across the world.
A writer is a magician of the most powerful kind. For they make not just words on a page but a window to an entire world contained in a single volume.
Not every one can feel it; the sigh that escapes the land every time a child puts a pen to paper.
But those that do cherish it forever.

This, from the girl that "hated writing" 3 years ago.  Now she fills up composition books faster than I can buy them.  She told me recently that writing is something she "just has to do". "I don't really have a choice." she says.  She is Laddie who had no choice but to plow or Michelangelo who had to sculpt. 

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