Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Last week, a friend posted on Facebook that the Britannica Great Books of the Western World were for sale at the local library. I couldn't sleep that night. I was so excited and also worried that someone else would beat me to them. So I was at the library just a few minutes after they opened and now they are mine! I also scored a few other treasures.

I spent $28 for 74 books, most of them in mint condition. I was giddy for days. The nerd in me felt like a kid on Christmas morning!


  1. So, Warren just told me that his dad has the collection of 56(?) books with a post-it note on them claimed for our family when he dies. I think I need to borrow them NOW! Hopefully they will be as nice as yours!

  2. That was you, Kiley??? I heard about those books for sale at the library. I seriously thought about how nice it would be to own those.

    Good for you!