Friday, May 4, 2012


Studying herbology gives me a good excuse to work in the yard during school time. We have been pulling weeds and studying their root systems, digging in dirt, learning about different kids of dirt and what kinds are best for growing things, planting herbs and seeds, and learning about how plants get food and grow.

When we weren't "working" for school we did some further investigating. I was surprised when we learned about photosynthesis that Lahna had never heard of it before. I was pleased when we learned about plant cells that Anna was interested enough to watch a rather intense youtube video exhaustively describing the process of photosynthesis within a plant cell..... 3 times. I laughed because we talked about pollination and the girls made faces when I told about the "male" and "female" parts of a plant.  And when Robert and William requested the story of the very hungry leaf....again and again, I had a feeling of satisfaction that they were learning and enjoying it.

Yup, I love homeschooling.

"The Very Hungry Leaf" taught is about Photosynthesis. Robert is feeding the leaf energy from the sun.

William, with his I am smiling face, is about to feed the leaf carbon dioxide.
We collected samples of dirt from different areas near our house. We put the dirt in jars, added water and gave them a good shake. We then watched the dirt settle.
We made a plant cell cake. The kids did all the decorating and it turned out really well. Even Robert and William helped.

The kids presented the cake as a group project.

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