Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gryffindor Wins House Cup!

We finished our second year (or component) at Quercus Alba and the Gryffindors were overjoyed to win the house cup this time around! And to the other houses' immense relief they were very generous with their prizes and shared with everyone.

Of course we had to have a feast....
Knickerbocker glory from Harry Potter

Sword and the Stone cheese

a compass cream pie for Prince Henry the navigator

Pea Pottage from the medieval period

We also had authentic medieval potato cake, pretiola (pretzels), and cheches (a medieval recipe for chickpeas).

The kids did a great job on their projects, but I did not to a great job getting pictures, but here is a brief summary anyway.

Anna created an empire. She made a map, a flag, and a system of government for her new kingdom.

Alahna decided to try her hand at medieval food. She compared the food of a peasant to the food of a noble and even attempted to live a day in the life of each. She was very hungry the day she was a peasant.

Robert, with Alahna's help, made a storybook about a dragonslayer.

William drew a picture of King Arthur with Merlin and Morgana.

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