Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer fun/work

Deciding to home school has changed my summers drastically. I now spent a great deal of my time prepping for the new school year. It seems any free second I can find I am working on something for school; sewing, reading, writing, planning, collaborating, organizing; creating and on and on. My list of things to accomplish before opening day seems to be endless. This last few days I have had an angel in disguise, aka my sweet mother-in-law, here to help with all my sewing projects for the year. While we were sewing away David was enjoying his yearly summer unemployment by taking the chickabidees to the movies, the community pool and the park. Now my angel is gone back home, David goes back to work in a few short days and school starts for the kids and I just a couple of days after that. This summer has flown by way too fast!

Here's a picture just because I haven't posted any in a while! Isn't she beautiful! And notice her haircut? She left for our road trip with long hair and came back with short,  thanks to our good friend in CO. She loves it and it has been so easy and fun for the summer!

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