Monday, May 2, 2011

Getty Villa

We finally made it to the Villa and it was well worth the wait! We absolutely LOVED it. It was the perfect thing to do towards the end of the year. We had so much fun seeing, first hand, the things we have been learning about this school year. I was a little nervous going into this, art in the antiquities are rather rampant with nudity, but everyone was very mature about it and we managed to make it through with no embarrassing comments. It is something that has been discussed quite heavily this year and I guess they were listening after all.

There was a  conservation station for the kids to practice some of the things that archeologist do to find and restore artifacts.

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The mummy was the kids' favorite exhibit, imagine that.

The gardens were exquisite.
After the Villa we went to Santa Monica pier. This is the only pic we have. Thank you Anna!
3 weeks from today is our closing day for this school year. It has been amazing and I am so sad that it is about to come to an end, also a little stressed at all the things I want to get done in the next 3 weeks. I would expect little blogging to be done between now an then!

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