Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crash, Bang, Break!

We must have had a vacation and a temple trip planned because yesterday William decided to take a tumble and break his radius and ulna in his right arm.

This picture really doesn't do it justice. 

Let me set the stage. Anna and I were working on math at the kitchen table, Alahna was doing math upstairs, David was getting ready for a dental appointment, and the boys were quietly and happily playing together in the playroom. Everything was going smoothly when I hear a bang followed by William crying. It wasn't a great big bang, or a serious sounding cry. I didn't even get up, just casually turned around and asked what happened, slightly annoyed that I had to stop in the middle of working through a problem with Anna. (Yeah, I feel really bad about that now.) William came walking in saying, "I hurt my arm."  One look and I told Anna she was babysitting and Daddy and I were taking William to the ER. Arms are not supposed to bend like that. We yelled for Daddy, hopped in the van and off we went.

Have I ever mentioned that I love Kaiser. It was a longer drive than I would have liked, but they took such good care of my baby and so quickly.  They had to sedate him to set the bones, but luckily we were able to avoid surgery for now. He will have more x-rays in a week to make sure things are still looking good.  He is supposed to keep it elevated for at least 3 days. After today I am seeing that this will be a bit of a challenge. Luckily his siblings are good nurses and eager to help out.

He was pretty funny coming out of the sedation. He kept rolling his head around saying. "Whoa!"  Then at one point he said, "This room just keeps trying to walk away."

He was quite upset about getting the IV and then afterward when his nurse came to check on him he told her that he wasn't crying anymore and that he liked getting holes poked in him now.

He calls his cast a big band-aid and when it was time to leave the hospital was very confused that they weren't taking it off. He did not want to go home with it on and was not happy when he figured out that it was staying on for a while.

He kept himself entertained by singing to us.

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