Sunday, February 21, 2010

safe side church

We have the safe side video where kids are taught to stay safe and strangers are referred to as "don't knows". 

And now that I have that out of the way I can tell you about Robert's adventure in sacrament meeting that still has me laughing.

He left right before church started to go get a drink. When he didn't come back I went to find him, slightly annoyed that I was missing the opening song because he was goofing off. After walking the hall twice, checking in classrooms, and even asking a young man from the other ward to please look in the men's restroom, I started to get a little worried and got David's attention. He left the meeting to help me look and after a couple more rounds, David finally saw a little blond head darting around a corner and gave chase. When he was caught he told Daddy,

"Everywhere I went there was don't knows, and I had to hide!"  

We couldn't be upset with him becasue he truly looked scared! Poor kid. We helped him get a drink and returned just in time for the sacrament to be blessed!

By the way, it is a great DVD, I highly recommend it to anyone with young children. I think we need to watch it again though, Robert seems a little confused!

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