Thursday, January 7, 2010

yucky me

William was sick for a few days this week and has been cracking me up in spite of his less than cheerful disposition. He has started saying the funniest things.

When he has a snotty nose, "yucky my nose."

And when he wipes his nose with his hand, "yucky my hand."

Which is then followed by, "yucky my face." as the snot smears across his cheek.

And we know when he's really feeling crummy because he'll tell us, "Robert bite me." (Robert was very concerned about this at first and felt the need to defend himself, but now he just laughs.)

And in the middle of the night when he crawls into our bed he says, "Not my by daddy." Meaning he has to be as close to mommy as humanly possible.

Today his fever is down and he is starting to feel better. Hopefully no one else gets it.

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