Saturday, May 23, 2009


That is what could have happened after Robert somehow got the key for the gas fireplace and turned it on. We noticed this last night when we were playing outside and smelled gas.

A visit from the gas company revealed that the fireplace had been running for at least a couple of days. Luckily all the gas went straight up the chimney.

Oh yeah, that's gonna be one pretty gas bill!

And when David and I were trying to figure out how Robert got the key he said, "Oh, it was easy. I just climbed on the couch then this and reached up here."

He went from the couch to the video cabinet three feet away from the couch and grabbed the key from the fireplace mantel another 2 feet away. And this is with casts on both feet! So it is official, unless something has a padlock on it there is no safe place in this house!

But we have found a pretty good hiding place for that key.

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