Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break Day 3

Today Kristen (the girl we used to babysit) came over to play and then the girls went to her house to play. It was fun to see how much she had grown and they all had a great time together. Robert was a little annoyed that he didn't get to go play, but he got over it soon enough.

William has been crybaby William again and we aren't sure what the problem is except he certainly does not feel good. He has repeated the word "owie' all evening long. when Robert said the prayer tonight he said, "bless cranky William." then he looked up at David and said, "well, he is cranky, isn't he?"


  1. that is a hilarious prayer story!!! they say it straight up.

  2. Gotta love Spring Break! Sounds like you guys are BUSY! Hopefully William gets over the crankiness soon. :) Parker has been that way too, so it must be something in the air. Oh so I'm watching the Price is Right and there is a dude on there right now with your name. hahaha! Just thought it was funny since I'm reading your blog at the same time. What were his parents thinking giving him a girl's name?