Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break Day 2

where to begin...

We spent most of the day in the ophthalmologist office. We always dread these appointments, but this one was worse than most. We normally know in advance if he will be dilated, but his eyes had changed so drastically in such a short time that they wanted to do it today. The only problem with that is we had already been there for three hours and everyone was getting cranky and hungry. Anyway, long story short we survived, Robert needs new glasses again, and insurance won't be covering anything this time. :(

Anna and Alahna also planned and prepared dinner for tonight. They came up with the menu all by themselves and did all the cooking. They even invited their piano teacher over! It turned out great. I am very proud of them!

Pizza Stromboli
Sweet noodles
pink lemonade


Sorry for the lack of pictures lately. It's easy to find a minute to type a little, but downloading a pic is a little more effort.

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