Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekend Getaway!

For Christmas David surprised me (and by "me" I mean only me!) with a plane ticket to SLC to see my family. I have been excited to go, but also a little nervous. In the 9 plus years since we have had children I have never traveled by myself. I have gone on trips with David, but not completely solo. What in the world will I do with no diapers to change or crying kids to console and no hubbie to talk to. But last night when both Robert and William were crying and the girls were in hyper drive I suddenly started to feel very excited, even giddy! I think I'm going to enjoy myself very much this weekend! Thank you David!


  1. Once in a blue moon I travel by myself. At first I feel a little weird not pushing a stroller but as soon as I settle in with a book UNINTERUPPTED I feel just fine.
    (-: ENJOY!

  2. So Kennedy looked around sacrament this weekend and ask where Robert was. I thought it was cute. Hope you're having a great time!