Sunday, February 8, 2009

Checking in

I received an assignment from Kiley to "check in" on her weekend getaway. Miracle--the Petersen home is still standing. It has rained almost constantly since Kiley left. This means no playroom, no backyard, and no park. Translation we have watched ALOT of television but Mommy isn't here to curb our addiction. (thank goodness) At least it was mostly Discovery Channel Fun. (BYU channel on Sunday of course) Editors note: Man vs Wild does have occasional nudity-- who knew. Thank goodness for DVR . Both Robert and William have colds so we didn't make it to church. Translation--We have been wearing the same pajamas since Friday. (slight exaggeration) We did go to Panda Express on Saturday and the girls are getting used to ice cream and movies after the boys are in bed. No nightmares so far!!!! I think those are the highlights. Just to relieve some fears. Everyone has gotten three (mostly) healthy meals a day. All medicine has been delivered in a timely manner. 1 load of laundry was washed, folded and put away. The dishes have been done at the end of each day. Robert has been patched daily and Anna has done math facts almost daily. No trips to the doctor or hospital (so far). All children have had at least one bath or shower. Not once have the boys been forced to sit in stinky yuck while I gathered up the nerve to face the nastiness. Most importantly each of the children is still talking to me and hoping Mommy never comes home because we really love tv, ice cream, and soda pop. HAHAHA



  1. Thank you David for a great weekend!

  2. great job Dave, daddies always come through in a pinch!

  3. Warren wants to rat me out, so I will spare myself the embarrassment...Isaac and Rebekah's meals on the Sabbath when mommy was home serving... 6:30 am cereal, 8:30 am processed cheese with pretzel sticks in the car, 12:30 pm doritos, 4:30 pm ice cream, 7:30 pm frosted flakes... i give myself 5 more weeks and then I crack the whip =)