Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 2

There has been little excitement today. Robert is still on his back and Kiley is really tired. Yesterday we left for the hospital at 4 am and the roads were clear. By 8 am a huge storm moved in and it shut the I-15 freeway down for three hours. By night time the roads were clear and I was able to get home ok. With the storm school was closed for me and so I could go back to the hospital. I left for the hospital at 7 am. However the freeway was closed again due to poor driving conditions. Since I needed to be back to teach at vvc this evening (my night time job). We decided that Grandpa would go down instead to help Kiley and as a bonus he could use his new toy (GPS). Grandpa made it to the hospital no problem and it has been really quiet here at the house. The playroom was flooded again imagine that. Without Robert it hasn't been much of a loss. Tommorrow morning we will find out how Robert is doing when they finally get him off his back and let him walk around. Sorry for the lack of info. There just isn't much to share. As they say no news is good news.


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