Saturday, September 14, 2013

Just Enough

Turning 12 is a big deal in this home, especially if you have been waiting to leave primary like a kid waiting for Christmas.  Being the only active girl in senior primary was a little tough for her but now we are thrilled to have her in the YW program. She brings our numbers up to 3 on Sundays! And that is not just Beehives. Legally wearing make-up may have also played a role in her anticipation of this year's special day. She requested a cheesecake so Dad made her a scrumptious Oreo caramel one. It was barely big enough to hold all those candles.

Some things to know about our LahnaLou:

  • Locks, keys, maps, and Paris are all things she loves.
  • She has created her own language that she calls Alahnian and loves to translate her favorite books into this cypher type language. 
  • She loves learning Latin and has started teaching herself Arabic, just for fun.
  • Her deep feelings and gentle spirit help keep our home peaceful.
  • If you have any questions about Lord of the Rings of Greek Mythology she is the gal to ask.
  • She is Batman's biggest fan.
  • Little kids follow her like she's made of chocolate.
  • She's helpful, kind, considerate, smart, and funny too.
But, guess what? As amazing as that is, I don't care. None of it matters. God chose me to be her mother. She is mine and that is enough. I don't need any other reasons. Happy 12th Birthday Lou! Thank you for being you!