Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update on Robert

This is Kiley's Dad posting for her.  Robert is out of surgery and it went very well.  The bone that had been removed during the previous tethered spine surgery had not grown back, so they only had to remove a little more bone.  There was one nerve that was very tight so they tested to see what it went to and then took care of it; the other nerves were loose as they should be.  The doctor was confident that the spinal fluid was sealed, so Robert doesn't have to stay flat on his back like last time.  It went so well, that if he is managing the pain well, he may be able to come home tomorrow!!! 

He was a trooper when they took him from Mom and Dad prior for the final preparation for surgery.  They wanted to give him something to help him relax, and he said he didn't need it.  Mom (Kiley) told them that he is an excellent patient - if he says he won't need it he'll be fine.  Afterwards they told her she was right -- he did great!