Sunday, September 2, 2012

Seven Years

I can hardly believe Robert is now seven years old. It seems just like yesterday that the nurses were laughing at us in the hospital because we wouldn't let that little bundle out of our sight. I'm sure they thought we were rather silly and overprotective, but he was our little angel with a golden glow and we just couldn't bear to be away from him. We have watched him grow from that sweet, quiet little bundle to a strong willed, determined, smart, and cheerful boy. We have also watched him grow in physical ways, and because of a tethered spinal cord, that growth has been a painful journey. This last year we have struggled with the decision to schedule another surgery to release the growing tension in his spinal cord, and after much consulting with both God and doctors we have decided that putting it off any longer would not be wise. So, September 11th he will have another surgery. We had scheduled this surgery A year and a half ago and cancelled it, so we are grateful to have been able to put it off as long as we did.

We are also grateful that we were able to celebrate his birthday with a trip to Legoland before surgery. It was actually a celebration of William's birthday as well. They both received tickets for their birthdays but broken arms, sick momma, and busy schedules kept us from going earlier in the summer for William. Once Robert is completely recovered from surgery we will find a day to use our other tickets. And once our computer is working again, I will get our legoland pictures processed and hopefully shared.

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  1. Tell Robert that we are so proud of him. Grandpa and Grandma Petersen