Friday, April 20, 2012

Hufflepuffs Rock

Our Hufflepuffs are awesome, winning the house cup two components in a row.  So yes, that means we finished "Tales of the Bards" and next week will finish "Revolutions of the Renaissance Men". This year is just flying way to quickly!

At the end of "Tales of the Bards", or Year 4 at Quercus Alba, Robert was awarded an Ivory Acorn Award for his achievement in reading. He has really taken off and will read a Magic Tree House book in one day. Alahna was also awarded an Ivory Acorn for excellence in everything, but especially foreign languages. That kid has a gift. She is the youngest in our Latin class by a couple of years, but is right up there at the top of the class. And she doesn't even have to try! She hears it and it just sticks in her head. And for French, let's just say that when I have a question she's the one I'm asking.

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