Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Full Day

At dinner last night, we were sitting around discussing the days activities, and I was overwhelmed with a filling of gratitude for the experiences my children are having.  We are so blessed to live in a time and place where they have so many opportunities.

The day started with promotion at the Mateo Academy where Anna, Alahna, and Robert are learning martial arts and self defense. (William will start in the fall.) They all were promoted to white belt second degree and Robert was surprised that he earned student of the month for February. Later in the day when we talked about it he said, "What does student of the month mean, anyway." :)

After promotion, Robert had his first t-ball game and Anna went with the youth group from church to take an introduction to scuba diving class. Listening to her talk about her experience had us all cracking up at the dinner table. She takes after her Grandma Jane and is a great storyteller.

At most martial arts studios white belts are given upon beginning the program. At the Mateo Academy Sifu makes his students earn it.

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