Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Halloween

We spent Halloween with our school group. We did some fun school work in the morning, ate lunch together, carved pumpkins, played games, ate some more, and went trick or treating. It was a great day and everyone was wiped out by the time we got home.

Our fun school work included dissecting owl pellets. The kids thought it was pretty cool. We were able to find at least 4 different animals, and possibly as many as 6, in the 3 pellets we dissected. Most of the bones we found were rat bones, but we are pretty sure some belonged to a shrew.  (The kit we used came with a diagram to help you determine what animals the owl ate.)

He is just too cute!

Anna was dressed as a nerd and she played the part very well!

Robert was Harry Potter and absolutely LOVED digging into owl puke!

We think this skull belinged to a shrew

Alahna was a beach bunny. Her owl pellet had the shrew.

This is the skull of a rat. Anna had 2 complete rats in her pellet. She even found a spine still intact.

One of the many games the kids played was bobbing for doughnuts. This was one of my favorite Halloween activites when I was young so I was super excited when my kids were able to experience the fun!

And last, but not least.....William the lion. I don't even know where this costume came from, but William found it in our Halloween box and was determined to wear it. It was missing the tail and the knees were almost worn all the way through. At the end of the night it went straight in the trash can!

And can you believe it, I didn't get a single picture of our pumkin carvings or of all four of the kids in their costumes! What kind of a mother am I? Geez.

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