Friday, October 14, 2011

Ravenclaw Wins House Cup!

At the end of term feast presentations were made, points were counted, awards given! All Quercus Alba students ended the year with honors (they accomplished all their goals for the component) and Anna was awarded the Ivory Acorn Award for achievement in Mathematics. (Any student can be nominated by a teacher to earn the The Ivory Acorn Award each component. Anna was the only one to receive it this time.)

Anna adding her points. Ravenclaw was first to add there points. You can't tell from this picture, but it was really a tight race for the house cup.
Ravenclaw wins by a just a narrow margin! Gryffindor almost had it! 

All of the food represented something that we learned about. Here are Olympic rings representing the first Olympics.

Apple slices for the fall of Adam, a rice Krispie pyramid for Ancient Egypt, ABC cooked for the Phoenician civilization, lettuce boats for Jaredites sailing to America

Tower of Babel onion rings, Caesar salad, Lahna's ginger snaps and ginger-ale

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