Saturday, October 22, 2011

12 years old!

Seeing this many candles on one of my babies cakes makes me feel a little bit old!

One minute she was this little peanut in my arms and then I blink and she is 12! I feel like with her birthday we are beginning a new stage of our lives. Goodbye primary and hello YW and boys....all of a sudden she is talking about them. What is up with that???? Over the last year her interests have started to change. She is no longer interested in the little girl games and is talking on the phone more and wants to wear make-up and cares about her clothes. I just don't know that I am really ready for this, but now that I think about it I wasn't really ready for her when she was that little peanut either.

Her big present was getting a little make-over for her room. We kicked her out of it for a few days while we got it ready then on her birthday we surprised her with the changes. Without spending very much money we were able to give her room a whole new look. (I forgot before pictures....again.)

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