Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Grand Summer Adventure

So when I asked David what we should do this summer several months ago he told me this crazy plan about spending three weeks driving around visiting friends and family. At first I thought, he was joking. When I realized he wasn't, I thought he had lost his mind. Then... I started thinking it might actually be fun.  And you know what? 4,394 miles, 186 gallons of gas, and 10 states, and 3 audio books later, I can honestly say that it was more than fun! It was grand! And I think the kids will always remember it with fondness! (And most of the time the DVD players weren't even hooked up! YEAH!)

I might get a chance to post pictures later, but it will be a while. A very long while. My focus right now is on planning our school year. 

To everyone we saw, we loved seeing you and had a fantastic time. To everyone we didn't see.... maybe we will catch you on our next adventure!

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