Sunday, June 19, 2011


This morning at breakfast I asked William what it meant to be a father. Here are his answers:
  • be in charge
  • be a boy
  • play lots of games
I found his answers so amusing I thought I should ask the other children the same question.

Robert said,
  • buy lots of stuff
  • be in charge
  • read dumb boring books
  • drive a whole bunch
  • play games with your kids
Alahna said,
  • you have children
  • your awesome
  • be nice
  • give your kids things
  • love your kids and don't beat them (This one really made me laugh, not sure where that came from!)
Anna said,
  • the male who helps raise the children
  • to provide for the family
  • be supportive of his family
  • sacrifice for the family
Happy Father's Day! I am so blessed to have David as the father of my children and to have been raised by my amazing dad! And of course David wouldn't be the man he is if it wasn't for his dad! Thank you!

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