Sunday, April 3, 2011

Conference weekend happenings

Conference weekends are the best weekends of the year. The weekend started out with David taking the girls to see a play at his high school while the boys and I had  movie and game night here at home. Saturday we enjoyed conference, working in the yard and while David went to the priesthood session the kids and I enjoyed pizza and a movie. After the afternoon session David and I each had a big bowl of ice cream. It didn't take long for one of the kids to notice and within seconds all four were asking for some. "Sorry guys, this is conference blessings for people that watched conference today."  Sunday the missionaries joined us for our traditional conference breakfast and stayed to watch both sessions with us. The girls sat through all four hours and afterward asked, "Are we having conference blessings?".  They were not quite satisfied with my response that their testimonies were strengthened, their spirits edified, etc. etc. ....  I guess we will be having ice cream tonight.

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  1. love the conference blessings! we struggle to get ours to even sit long enough to hear the Prophet speak and then we are so busy trying to keep them listenning, that we cant hear...
    it was a great weekend!