Saturday, February 26, 2011


Early in the month found four of our children gathered around Davie's scrapbook. Anna was telling the boys all about their big brother they never met. The boys asked questions and Anna told all she remembered...which is more than you would probably think. David and I quietly observed and savored the moment. A little later, for family scripture study, we deviated from our normal Book of Mormon reading and instead read about Christ's resurrection. With just a few tears we discussed the significance of that event for our family. Then we sang the primary song, "Families Can Be Together Forever" as we held each of our living children close and dreamed longingly of the day we will be reunited with our little guy. 

February 16th was the day Davie was diagnosed with anencephaly and the day we began a roller coaster of a ride that was his life. We didn't do anything special on the 16th this year, a first since he died, but he was still remembered this month. And maybe the fact that it was spontaneous and unplanned made it more memorable.

(The girls had crazy hair day for book club, hence Alahna's strange do.)

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