Sunday, November 14, 2010

new to us couch and loveseat

We finally had enough of our old, holey, squashed, and beaten up couches and started looking on craigslist for some "new" ones.

I love them, but I'm not sure how practical they really are. I have to admit I am a little scared to see what they look like in a couple of years...or maybe months. 


  1. Nice! Don't let the kids eat on them. If they are microfiber they will look awful in a couple years. It's supposed to be easy to clean, yeah right... I told Steve we are saving up for real leather next time.

  2. We have white microfiber. It seemed like a good idea before I was pregnant. hahahahahahaha. But I can tell you that Steve has spilled entire bottled of red Gatorade on our couch and I have been able to get it out using ammonia. I just bought a gallon jug of it. When there is a spill I put ammonia on a rag and scrub at it, if when it dries it still looks dirty then I repeat. I have not been disappointed yet.

    And they look great! I am so happy that you love them.