Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A looooong time

I realized today that it is coming up on a month since my last post.  I have been waiting for a chance to get the pictures from the camera to the computer. It may never happen at this rate....this is why I am no longer doing pictures for others. Keeping up with my own is hard enough right now.

But don't confuse lack of posts with lack of activity....we have been pretty busy. Some activities over the last few weeks include, meeting "Paul Revere", Marching thru History (where we watched several battle reenactments and visited military camps throughout the ages, including our favorite, the Romans, where we had a chance to practice our Latin and watch a gladiator fight!), soccer games, the girls have started going to book club, and we have started Latin with another family (and yes, I know it's a "dead" language...although it's really some research!), building and erupting Mt. Vesuvius and other school projects.

As far as my health goes....well not much has changed. I wish I could say I was all better. I have had some more tests done and still no answers. I have another apt in a couple of weeks and hopefully something good will come from it. I manage to get everything done that needs to be done but there is little left for much else. (like pictures!) As David says, "the cake is getting baked but there's no frosting." I miss the frosting things, like shopping, running, photography, and cooking yummy food rather than whatever is easy, but I am trying to be grateful for the cake, after all it's a pretty good cake.

Speaking of Dr. apt's, because of some symptoms Robert has started experiencing with increasing frequency he will probably be having that surgery sooner that we had hoped. More on that later...

Hopefully I will get to work on pics soon!


  1. As a side note we're huge fans of the show Lost, and there is a group in the show that uses Latin. Portuguese and Latin are very very similar as well.

  2. Kylie, you probably have no recollection of me whatsoever, but I was a good friend of Crystal and Corey's waaaaaaay back when we all lived in Okinawa. I found your blog from your facebook page when I clicked over from Crystals (got all that?). You have a beautiful family! Your kids are very similar in age to mine, and your girls look SO much like I remember the kids in your family looking when you were younger. I hope you are able to get some real answers to your health questions. It's the "frosting" that makes life more than just "chores." It would be a shame to have to miss out on all of those things. And I have enjoyed reading about your homeschooling thoughts and adventures. We have toyed with the idea, but I am not ready to take the plunge yet. I am afraid that a highstrung mommy and hormonal tweens would not be a very productive match sometimes. :)