Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not the news we wanted

Today we got the results from Robert's MRI. That poor kid just can't seem to get a break. The syrinx is still there and from my untrained eye it looks bigger. (We will be getting his previous MRI's so the new Dr. can compare.) The chord is retethered or tightened or thickened or whatever the correct terminology is. He will eventually need surgery to fix it again. We could have it done now, but think we will wait until his symptoms start to get worse.  He also has a mild case of chiari malformation. (ch pronounces as a k) I don't feel like explaining, so if you are interested, Google away. Right now he is asymptomatic so nothing will be done about it. We will keep an eye on it and someday he may need surgery for that as well.

It has been a long emotional day.

Oh, and other news... David's car died right before our trip to FL. $1800 to fix. Hopefully it will be done by Friday...this one car shuffle is no fun. Thank goodness for an emergency fund though!


  1. Hey! Both my sister Amy and my sister Lesley have Chiari malformation. It didn't manifest in them till Amy was 30 and Les was around 40. Amy had surgery, but Les didn't have to. Just a blood patch. Hopefully it won't manifest in your boy. Sometimes it never does!

    So sorry to hear your news!

  2. Yay for Keizer? All that in one sitting instead of 5 months;)

  3. That's so rough, Robert's such a trooper. I'm sorry about the car as well. Know we're praying for you guys.