Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Loulou Girl!

Alahna celebrated her 9th birthday today! One more year until she hits the double digits. 3 more years until she hits YW.  4 more years and she's a teenager. Stop girly-girl, STOP! You must not keep getting older...but she's growing so beautifully, it would be wrong for me to wish her to stay nine forever. 

She was very surprised to get a digital camera and opted for ice cream again rather than cake. We are very proud of our Little Loulou who isn't so little anymore. She has a sweet soul and is always thinking of others. She is a peacemaker, an artist, a giggle box when she's in the mood, an avid reader, good at math, loves peace and quiet, but best of all she's our daughter and sister...forever.

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