Monday, June 7, 2010

Rest in Peace Pecky

My animal loving children along with the neighbor found this baby bird in the street, unable to fly. They somehow talked me into keeping it. The next morning I called animal control to find out what my options were.

1. They could come pick it up and put it to sleep.
2. We could set it outside and watch for it's mommy to come find it and take care of it.
3. Or, she gave me directions on how to feed it, but told me it was fairly tricky and might not work anyway.

Since I couldn't drive to get the necesary feeding supplies we went with option 2, setting it's little container in a place where we could watch from the house and no cats could get to it.

"Pecky" was dead within 2 hours. 
Robert and William weren't too concerned, but Anna and Alahna were very upset. Anna, especially was distraught. So distraught that when she found out David had thrown "Pecky" in the trash (that was full and waiting by the curb for pick-up) she crawled in to save it. 

It has now had a proper burial in our backyard, tombstone and all. 

We will miss you dearly, "Pecky", the fledgling, Even though we knew you for less than 24 hours and knew that you would probably die, yes, we will miss you. 

As for me, never again will I be talked into such shenanigans. 
Goodness, I can't handle all this unnecessary drama. 

He was kinda cute though!

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