Saturday, June 26, 2010

Look Who's 3!

I cannot believe that my little caboose is now 3 years old! Look how tiny and sweet he was...

...and now he's 3. THREE! Seriously, I am having a hard time swallowing that one. Sometime in the middle of the night he had crawled in bed with us and this morning I woke up before he did and just stared at him long and hard trying to figure out where the time has gone and how did he get to be so big. He is such a sweet little guy, making everyone laugh all the time with the funny little things he says and does. I can't imagine our family without him.

Anyway, it was a great day, all about William and his favorite pal, Mickey Mouse. We had Mickey pancakes, he got Mickey presents, had Mickey chicken Nuggets, and a Mickey cake. It was heaven for Mickey's biggest fan!

We also spent a few hours at Mojave Narrows playing at the park with the water toys and having a yummy picnic.

Did you notice that he has about as much hair now as when he was born?  He had a little fun with some scissors! Silly 2 year old. I'm sure now that he's THREE, he will never do anything like that again. HAHA!

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