Friday, April 23, 2010

My Mom went back home today

and I am sad and to ease my sadness I want to tell you a little bit about my mother. (This may be long, so feel free to skip down to the picture at the end)

She loves,  loves, loves the Utah Jazz and Rush and Glenn Beck. She is trying to get me converted, but I would much rather read!

She is a master cleaner, de-junker, and organizer.

She is a great cook and always willing to try any new recipe.

She is a chocoholic and is proud of it!

She loves camping and fishing with my dad and working in her yard.

Whenever she comes to visit she brings sticker books and fun little activities for her grandbabies.

More important than any of that though is she is my hero. She is always positive.  She never focuses on the bad things and no matter what life throws at ya she's gonna keep on going and look for that silver lining. She is always full of words of encouragement and hope.

She is kind to everyone....unless someone is messin' with one of her babies, then that mother bear can come out and attack!

She is a an incredibly hard worker. She never stops moving and always takes pride in her work.

She is also very patient and loving and knows how to show it! She never once lost her patience with my kids. She just kept a smile on her face and gave them lots of loves.....and chocolate.  A couple of times she was forced to put the boys in time out and I know it was much harder on her than it was on them.

She's tough, and I mean dang tough. Ten years ago she almost lost her foot due to a horrible sledding accident, it hurts her every day of her life and yet she never complains about it nor does she let it stop her from being active.

Another thing about my mom, she loves her children unconditionally. She has proven this through and through. Only those that know our family closely will truly recognize this. No matter what, I know that my mom will love me and be here for me.

She is a great example of who I want to be as a mother. As I spent much of the time on the couch while she was here I really was able to observe her and see what an amazing person she is. I have a much greater appreciation of her than ever before.

And one last thing, she is beautiful. Inside and out. I don't know that she thinks she's beautiful, but she truly is. the color of her eyes amaze me and when she talks to you and you look into her eyes you can see through to her soul.

I love you mom. Thank you for being you and for taking care of us.

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  1. Your mom is awesome. Did you take that pic?! Looks fantastic.