Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mama's back!

I wish I could say I was all better and ready to face a week by myself, but it's just not so. David was much relieved when my mom called and said she was coming back down for a week or two. I tried to tell her that we would be okay, we have a great ward family who is more than willing to help, but she just feels better about things if she's here.... and so does David... and me too. Okay so, it's just good for everyone...except maybe my dad, who got left behind eating leftovers and PB&J's! Love you, Dad! Anyhow, she arrived this morning and we were very happy to see her!

I made it to sacrament meeting today, but my mom took me home right after the sacrament was passed. It seems I have just enough good days to get my hopes up and then I start going backwards. It's like the saying goes, "two steps forward and one step back". I do think my good days are getting better and my bad days aren't as bad though. So I will just be grateful for that and not complain!

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  1. Wow! This is crazy, Kiley. You have had your fair share of health trials in your family! Any new updates? You are in my prayers!!