Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How am I?

 People keep asking "how are you doing?" and I find that it is a hard question to answer. I usually just say "fine", because after all, I am doing fine.  Whatever is wrong with me is no longer debilitating, but it also has not gone away. I can take care of everyone's basic needs and have even been driving short distances. On the other hand I don't have the energy to do all that I used to do and it doesn't take too much before I am forced to lay on the couch for a while and wait for the spasms to subside, my head to quit spinning, and my breathing to return to normal. Hopefully I will continue to get stronger and be able to do more. I am craving my treadmill and I am beginning to feel a little trapped in this house. The girls have been very good about their increased responsibilities: helping with meals, cleaning, and the boys. Not to say they never complain, because believe me they do, but they do the jobs anyway. Hopefully with time the complaining will lessen. 

So, I guess I will still say I am doing "fine", and keep praying to get back to great...or will this become my new idea of great???? Hmmmm, I hope not, but as my mom would say, "it could always be worse!"

And speaking of my mom, here are some pictures of when she was here.

She has been bringing sticker books to do with the kids since the girls were little and they love it! I keep waiting for the girls to outgrow it, bit it hasn't happened yet. This time she also brought those foam sticker things with big pieces of foam. They were Noah's ark stickers so we used them for our FHE activity after we talked about the story of Noah.

I miss her.....alot.

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