Friday, February 26, 2010

Mission Accomplished

In may of 2009 our family set a goal of 100 service hours, and upon completion we were going to Disneyland!

I am happy to announce that last week WE DID DISNEY! We spent one day in CA Adventure and one in Disneyland. And to make it even better Grandma and Grandpa Force were able to come down from Utah and go with us!

I never seem to have enough time to work on pictures so I only have the ones from CA adventure ready. But, I have been so excited to post some from our trip you will just have to be satisfied with knowing that more will come....eventually.  (I am only posting a few of my fav's, we have TONS more! Someday, when I have time to improve my photoshop skills, I will start doing more collages. Until then, you just get one at a time.)

William LOVED seeing the characters!

Grandma and I took the boys on King Triton's Carousel while the others rode California Screamin'

It's Tough to be a Bug is one of our favorite things there. No matter how many times I see it, I still jump. It was especially fun watching Grandma and Grandpa experience it for the first time!

The swinging ferris wheel started to swing high just as grandpa took the picture! What a priceless moment captured!

We plan to set a new goal and continue with our service! Most of the things we did we would have done anyway, but it was good for the kids to see it and it helped motivate them to look for service opportunities. And when we went to work in an elderly's yard, instead of listening to, "Aww, do we have to?" We heard, "Yes! How many service hours will it be on our chart?"

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