Saturday, December 12, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

This morning was breakfast with Santa at the church. The kids had a great time and Robert was excited to tell Santa that he wants a new helmet for Christmas. This year he knew what to expect and there were no tears. William was his usual stoic self and only acted excited about Santa several minutes after his turn to see the big guy.


A cute story... When it was time to put Robert's patch on this morning he got very serious and said, "Mom, I don't want Santa to see me in my patch."  I told him Santa is very proud of him for wearing his patch every day. He would want to see it because it shows what a good boy he has been. Robert then got excited to put his patch on and told me, "He knows when I'm sleeping and if I've been naughty or nice." Of course I had to break out in song at that point. "You better watch out...."

These little chickabidees make Christmas so magical. I can't imagine it will be as exciting when they are older.

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