Sunday, November 8, 2009

Joy to my Ears!

Today the children participated in their sacrament meeting presentation for primary and I could not be prouder! Anna sang a beautiful solo and Alahna played a wonderful piece on the piano. They also said their parts clearly and with poise. What beautiful and talented young ladies they are becoming! 

And this was Robert's first program. He has been so excited to sit on the stand and talk in the microphone. He had his part memorized and when it was his turn he turned to his teacher, who had been helping his fellow sunbeams, and said, "I know my part." He then said his part almost perfectly. And the most exciting part is..... HE SANG one of the songs! He was several beats off and I am not sure that he was singing the right words, but I don't even care...  HE SANG!

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  1. So sweet! I just noticed you darling pictures on the right of your blog. What a cute bunch you are!!