Tuesday, September 1, 2009

4 Years Old

Robert turned 4 today and already thinks he should be allowed to stay home alone. And even though he's been asking me everyday for about a month "when's my birthday?" he kept getting confused on how old he was. One minute he was 4 the next he had skipped straight to 5. I am having a hard enough time believing he is 4! It seems like yesterday he was just a little thing in my arms.

In spite of being a little sick he still had a fun day. He loved his presents and the extra attention. He was most excited to get money from Grandma for a trip to Toys R Us. (He came home with a lawnmower of all things!) We were supposed to go to Chuck E Cheese, but he was still to sick for that. But not to worry... he won't let us forget and as soon as we can squeeze it in.... we will.

Harpy Birthday little man. We love you!

(And what do you think of his new Buzz Lightyear patch? Cute, huh?)


  1. I love his cake! Did you make it Kiley?

  2. Thanks!Birthday cakes are kind-of a big deal at our house. They are usually decided upon months in advance and the kids love helping me make them. I have been very happy this year as everyone has picked pretty simple things.