Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Battle Rages On

So we are still working on getting an authorization for Robert to have an MRI and my frustration with our medical group continues to grow. So much so that David has taken over the job of making phone calls. Something to do with me not being able to stay calm.... I don't know.

Today we got a call from Dr. Krieger's office. Dr. Krieger is a very smart man. He is a neurosurgeon at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA). Children from all over the world come to see him. Well, he had a little chat with a lady from our medical group, who may be a nice person but at the moment I'm not liking her very much. Anyway.... according to the nice woman at Dr. Krieger's office this "conversation" included much yelling and Dr. Krieger madder than she has ever seen him. The MG told him they would have a Dr. call him and explain it to him. Can you believe that? What doctor here in the high dessert is going to tell a neurosurgeon at CHLA they know more than he does aout this. What a bunch of quacks!

You know while they're at it, they should quit authorizing him to see the pediatric optho. He doesn't really need to see.

(Sorry for the sarcasm, this has put me in a bit of a foul mood.)

An added note: David just talked to the MG again and apparently their doctors say that if he was toe walking then he wouldn't be able to walk up the stairs or run. Okay, so are you saying he wore casts for 3 weeks and now sleeps in braces because... he wasn't toe walking? And anyone who ever saw Robert walk can attest to the fact that he DID toe walk and he COULD walk up stairs AND run. Oh and it has nothing to do with the money, it is about what is medically necessary. Whatever.


  1. I do not like talking to dr. office people and especially the insurnce business. Good luck with that, although if you're like me you don't want to talk to them, but want it taken care of. So when Justin is talking to them I'm standing there yelling at them from the back ground.

  2. what a crazy, maddening situation! i am completely with you on this... how can a person who has never seen your child decide better than the dr. who is currently treating your child what is medically necessary.
    wish i could help.

  3. Oh I'm am sorry that all of this craziness is going on for you guys! I too hate dealing with insurance crap. Who are you guys with? Props to David for taking over making the phone calls!

  4. That's just nuts! I'm sure it will only get worse when Obama's medical plan goes through. Then you'll have the government telling your doctors what they can and can't do. The system is definitly messed up, but I don't think the way things are headed is the right way to solve the problem. I'll just keep praying that you'll get your clearance soon!

  5. I completely agree, Doralee. I can only imagine how difficult it will be if Obamacare goes through.