Monday, July 13, 2009

The Grand Finale!

This is it.

The last post from our 16 day 7 state vacation.

If you were to ask the girls, this was the best day of the vacation. The day we saw THE JONAS BROS at the Stadium of Fire. I have never seen them so excited! It was hilarious! And thanks to our good friend Justin, our seats were amazing!

Glenn Beck and Shedaisy were also there so there was something for everyone. It was a great show and we had a blast!

There is something very touching about being in a stadium with thousands of people and with one voice singing the national anthem. Then a little later hearing nothing but your own heart beating as your country's flag is reverently carried into the stadium by service men and women to be retired.

And the fireworks were nothing short of spectacular!!!

What a night!

Robert fell asleep for most of it, but woke up in time for the fireworks!

We sat with the Durfey's.

Dancing the night away!

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